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CoEfficient Labs is designed to help your startup scale Paid Acquisition.  Want to test out our Pod for FREE? Start your 2-Week Trial today.

Video Content & Ad Production

Our Video Team specializes in micro-content built for a mobile-first world. No need for large, unnecessary production crews.  We use an Agile approach that is fast and affordable.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make the most of your funnel— use paid acquisition and conversion rate optimization to enhance the effectiveness of your website or app.

Ben Peterson
CEO/Sunset Aviation

“CoEfficient Labs exceeded my expectations when it came to the video. I feel like I have the best website in my industry, which I'm very excited about”

Denise Butler
Chief Resource Officer /

“It’s really nice working with all of them. I truly feel like they’re an extension of our company and our team." 

Greg Harrell-Edge
Executive Director/

“I was blown away with how creative, hardworking, driven, and goal-oriented everyone was. The team was incredible to work with.”

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